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Summer Welcome Letter Information, 2016...

Essential Information                 

June 13th, 2016

Greetings Hixson!!  I hope this summer is finding you well so far and you are enjoying your time away.  Best wishes to you and your family for a joyful summer.  I wanted to take a moment to check-in and provide you with some updates and important information relative to the beginning of the school year as we prepare to welcome everyone for 2016-2017.  This information is also being emailed to you and posted to the network blog as well for easy access to links and online information.  Visit the blog at

We are happy to welcome the following staff members to our Hixson Family this year!  
·         Stacey Camden, ELA- Orion
·         Kendra Day,  ELA- Sequoia
·         Liz Goosen,  ELA- Monoceros
·         Jarrod Jones, ELA- Oak
·         Adrea Hayes, ELA- Phoenix
·         Wardell Ward, SS- Hickory
·         Hope Strasser, RTI Learnnig Coach- Hixson
·         Kyle Alexander, Orchestra (part time) 16-17
·         Leah Poe, Orchestra (part time)
·         Kelsey Tobey, MA/SCI- Monoceros
·         Sean Cahn, SS- Sequoia
·         Emily Martin, SCI- Hickory
·         Andrew Black, SSD
·         Damon Cetro, SSD

At the convenience of teams- summer 2016        
Monoceros, Orion, Phoenix, Norse, Sequoia, Oak
Electives ( 5 hours, curriculum) Curricular work in rewriting electives curriculum for 17-18 school year to offer semester-long elective classes.
Expected Outcome:         
Teams collaborate on curricular needs, assessment, and team planning and PD.
The majority of our teams have changed this year due to multiple retirements.

Activity #2: Innovation Hour (Common Time) Team Planning for members of common time team
Summer planning Wednesday, July 20th, 2016, 6 hours
Expected outcome:
Hixson Middle School will be implementing an innovative Common Time period for 25 weekdays of the 16-17 school year.  The committee needs time for planning the logistical launch and planning professional development to present to the staff in the fall of 2016.  Sign up here:

Activity #3: Learning Design Team Planning for members of learning design team
Summer planning Thursday July 21, 2016, 6 hours
Expected outcome:
Hixson Middle School continues looking at the learning opportunities offered to students.  Restructuring our master schedule to more effectively offer students options in their learning.  Involve all stakeholders in the process, parents, students, staff...survey stakeholders prior to the process for input.  Sign up here:

·         Wednesday, June 15th -New Teacher Orientation, WGHS Library

·         Monday, August 8th:
·         8:30-3:30- District New Teacher Orientation, WGHS Commons

·         Tuesday, August 9th:
·         8:00- District Opening Day Ceremony, WGHS Roberts Gym
·         Remainder of day for you to work with teams/in your classrooms

·         Wednesday, August 10th:
·         8:00-12:00- Work with teams/in your classrooms
·         12-1:00- Lunch on your own
·         1:00-3:00- Faculty PD

·         Thursday, August 11th:
·         ½ Day Faculty PD
·         ½ Day District PD

·         Friday, August 12th:
·         8:30- 3:30- Building Level New Teacher Orientation
·         8:30- new teachers meet with administration
·         10:00-3:30- (specific agenda to follow for new teachers) includes time to work in your classrooms, lunch, and PD sessions with staff members, led by Mr. Patrick Dempsey

·         Tuesday,  August 16th: First day of school ☺

Thank you for everything you do!  Enjoy the summer and please feel free to call, text, and email if you need anything or have any questions.  Looking forward to a wonderful school year of  “Growing Together!  2016-2017.”



Dr. Stacie Smith




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