Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Good morning and welcome back everyone!  We are happy to have our Hixson family back together again after a wonderful summer.  See you at our district welcome this morning and then back at the building.  

Our first meeting is not until Wednesday afternoon at 1:45.

Thursday we will be providing sandwiches for lunch for you as a small token of our appreciation of you and your contributions to our students and school.

Some folks (me included) have had issues with email in Outlook the past several days.  They are working on the issue today and we should all be up and running soon.  

Building space updates:
• There is a “new” workroom for teachers in the library to the right when you enter with a table, copier, and your mailboxes.
• French classroom is the Annex this year, we have avoided G3 as a classroom.  G3 will be available for meetings and conferencing.

Looking forward to an awesome 15-16 school year.

• August 10-14th -New Teacher Orientation 

• Tuesday, August 11th:
• 8:00-10am- District Breakfast, Roberts Gym @ WGHS
• 10:15- 3:15- Work in your classrooms

• Wednesday, August 12th:
• 8:00-12:30- Work with teams/in your classrooms
• 12:30-1:30- Lunch on your own
• 1:45-3:00- Faculty Meeting: 2015-216 overview and kick off  (auditorium)

• Thursday, August 13th:
• 8:30-11:30am- PLC/SLO Training (student learning objectives) (Cafeteria)
• 11:30-12:25- Lunch at Hixson (cafeteria)
• 12:30-3:30- Differentiated Technology Edcamp sessions



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