Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday August 8th: HMS PD Opportunities

Learning opportunities

Novice - With some support, I can do some of this on my own
Google 101: 
I've signed what
Sign in, create, share a document, find a shared document and a little bit more...

Room 122
Apprentice  - I can do most of the skills on my own

Proficient - I can completely and accurately do this on my own with success
3 2 1 Google...
Take a look at Google Classroom, join a class and learn what Google Classroom has to offer
room 118
Expert- I know more than I was taught and  I am applying this in other areas of my life
Google Think Tank
Participants will collaborate via a Google Doc to share and demo their favorite Google Chrome extensions and Omni Bar tricks! They will begin in groups and then branch off to share out with the larger group.
Room 107

Based on interest, HMS Tech Committee Members will be available to repeat sessions at future dates.

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