Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 7, 2014

Was it me or did last week seem very long? Whether seemingly long or short, I know it was hard work for all of us. Thank you for your focus and diligence. And . . . here we again, week two of MAP testing.

Field Trip Money Reminder
If you are collecting for field trips, please make sure that you bring any money you have collected to the office before 3:30pm at the end of each day. Our end-of-the-year field trips are more expensive than in the past, so please be sure to get any funds you collect to the office for safe storage.

Dueling Pianos
The PTO is sponsoring a dueling pianos fundraiser on Friday, May 2nd. The funds raised will support Rachel's Challenge and teacher grants. I am sure this will be fun and profitable! Click here for more information.

Dr. Stryhal Returns!
I know Stacie Stryhal appreciates all of the ways we have been welcoming to her. She's asked to visit again, so you will see her in the building on April 10th.

As for me, this week I will visit Crossroads for the entire day on Wednesday, April 9th. This will be my first all-day visit to Crossroads since I was hired.

Have a great week!

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