Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 3, 2014

Your participation in Monday's peer-to-peer conversation about the coming 1:1 was helpful and interesting, I thought. The answers are often in the room, and I appreciate your participation. If you're interested in a summary and some emerging themes around Managing Equipment and Physical Space, you can click here to see them. You'll be able to prompt all of our thinking with further comments or questions from within that shared document.

March's Thinking Strategy
Proficient readers:
  • spontaneously and purposefully create images using all five senses and their emotions as they read.
  • create images that help them engage and make text more memorable.
  • use images to make interpretations from the text.
Click here to access the resources to support March's Thinking Strategy: Sensory Images. Leveraging images is good for student learning and relates to Marzano strategy 12 Recording and Representing Knowledge as non-linguistic representations have been shown to enhance student understanding, engagement, and memory.

PTO Grants
PTO grants are due by March 13th. There isn't a limit on the ask; however, the PTO will want to grant as many as possible. So be considerate of your peers when asking. That being said, we had a very successful House Tour, and the PTO is soliciting donations to help support us further.

This week will end with our Talent Show and a Social Courtesy Committee event. I know your students and your peers will appreciate your presence and support at both, if possible.

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