Sunday, December 8, 2013

Assessment Support Requests

With two weeks left in the semester, please do not forget to request assessment support as soon as possible. Please see below. 

A few clarifications about support: 
  • Any student who is in the "red" or "yellow" may receive support. It is strongly recommended that you send all Read 180 students to receive support.
  • "As needed" on an IEP indicates that this support is at the teacher's discretion, not the student's. If in doubt, please check with the student’s case manager.
If you are using new assessments and would like help creating a modified assessment, please let a SSD teacher, Jen Shaughnessy, or me know.

To request assessment support (test read, alternative setting, etc.), please use the Google form that has been added to the navigation bar above the doc on the Network (see picture below). 

Once the request has been received, support will be scheduled using the Hixson Staff Calendar, which can also be found on the Network. Please consult the calendar before requesting support. Due to limited resources, it is unlikely that there will be enough support for more than two assessments in the same class period.

If you need help with completing the form or accessing the calendar, please let Aimee Vogt know!

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