Monday, August 12, 2013

Tech Update: Tech Talks, Team Laptops, Edline Sites, Printers

Tech Talks
This year tech talks have been digitized. Simply show the video below to your students and assign each student to a computer and post it to your team laptop tracking sheet found below in the Team Laptop Assignment section.

7th grade teachers may also want to show their students the WgCloud setup video to their classes as not every student at Steger has logged in for the first time.

Please remind every student at the beginning of the school year to NOT click on the +You when they are inside WgCloud. If they setup a Google+ account and are under 13 years old, they will lose all of their data and their account will be automatically deleted.

Team Laptop Assignment sheet
Each class which uses laptops will need to have the data posted to the respective workbook in the spread sheet. One member of your team should download the template, rename it with your team name, and share it with the other team members to complete. After each computer is assigned to each student for each class, share the spreadsheet with Jason Heisel inside WgCloud (do not print and deliver a copy). Once these things are done we will deliver your team cart keys to the tech liaison on the team.
Team Laptop Assignment Template

Edline Sites
This year each teacher has a single website. Your site address is:
Students or parents searching for your sites will be able to find it off of the main page under the School Info header link; Teacher Contact/Websites (pictured below):

If you wish to separate out your sites for any reason, please make a Group page within this site. By creating it inside of this site both parents and students can navigate to your sites with ease and without having to log in to find the right section. If you need assistance with this please enter in a technology request so that we can schedule time to meet with you or your team. We will also be offering a Web Work session Monday, August 19th in the Hixson Technology Center all day.

You will notice when you go to edit your Edline pages that they have been changed. Each year Edline has a "Roll-over" to the new year. During this time old class data is stored and new sites replace the old ones. Your data can be restored to your pages following this video tutorial: Click here to view the video on restoring content.

Please note that every Edline pages has 2 elements that have been added:
  1. A box of text in the middle of the page that states what you need to have on the page, as stated by John Simpson. This box is designed for you to edit and replace the information listed with your information.
  2. A set of links on the left hand column of the page. These links need to not be altered and need to remain on your page. They are there so that as parents navigate around the different sites they have the same access one each page.
The two above mentioned items will cover your requirements for your Edline sites. If you would like to work on further development of your site you can enter a tech req for such. The Building LMT group will also be offering sessions on Edline this school year.

Classroom Printers
Printers will be placed in classrooms when TLC is finished installing new software for them. Printers are in classrooms primarily for student use, so students will be able to print as needed to them. Faculty will be limited to 25 prints per day. Printing to a printer costs $0.37/print; printing to the copy machine costs $0.01/print.  You can see how overages might add up quickly, so please be respectful of this.

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