Thursday, August 8, 2013

iObservation Self-Assessment and Growth Plan

I would like to respond to a few questions I have received regarding the iObservation Self-Assessment and Growth Plan.

  • The Self-Assessment is confidential to you; Drs. Miller, Roberts, and I will not see this.
    • At the very least, rate yourself on the proficiency scale.
    • If you it is helpful to you, you may check evidences and make comments.
    • Do not think about the evidences as "add up" to a certain rating.
    • Do not think about the evidences as all receiving a separate rating.
    • Think of the evidences as examples of how a teacher might demonstrate a strategy.
  • You will need to choose three elements for your Growth Plan.
    • You want your responses to the prompts iObservation offers to be complete, but this does not mean they must be lengthy.
    • You will have an opportunity mid-year to revise your growth plan if necessary.
    • When a principal visits your class, we are able to see which elements you have included in your growth plan.  This will help us give you feedback on it.
    • You do not receive a score for the degree to which you accomplish your Growth Plan; however, the principals offer feedback on your growth plan (as a rating on each element's scale) which will be made a part of your summative evaluation.
    • You will end the school year with a revised Growth Plan already in place for the next school year.
If you have other questions, please click here to e-mail me so I can respond and add the information to this post.

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