Monday, July 22, 2013

From WGSD Human Resources: AST/PBTE/iObservation

From Linda Holliday
This year we will be continuing, as a district, our study of Marzano's "The Art and Science of Teaching." We will also continue to provide professional development surrounding Design Questions 2, 3, 4 and 5. In preparation for this important work, please consider taking some time to review these chapters within your book.
As you also know, we will be implementing Webster Groves School District's new Teacher Evaluation process this school year. There are several things we would like you to do to prepare for the August 9th professional development. First, please take some time to review the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Scales which can be found at  These scales, a portion of which were provided to you last year, provide the foundation of the evaluation process we will be using.
In addition to the scales, a new feature of the teacher evaluation process will be an online component called iObservation which will allow teachers and administrators to maintain a dialogue centered on their instruction, create an opportunity for teachers to develop a relevant growth plan to be used during the evaluation process, and provide for online professional development opportunities. It will be important to log into iObservation and set up your profile before we meet on August 9th. From there you will also be able to start to create your growth plan. The link  provides a series of videos that will explain how to set up your profile and start to develop your Growth Plan by completing the Self-Assessment.
If you choose to move ahead with work on the Self-Assessment and Growth Plan, you may be able to utilize some of the time on August 9th to work in your classrooms.
 *You must be logged into Edline to view the training videos.

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