Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PDC UPDATE: Short and Long Term Learning Opportunities!

From Dr. John Simpson:

One of the big decisions to emerge from the district’s professional development committee this year was the need to provide district staff with a collection of short and long term learning opportunities beginning in the summer/fall of 2013.  The PDC felt that the proposals submitted by teachers, administrators, and support staff from all levels were really outstanding!  Individually and as a group, they will not only allow for explicit transfer to beliefs and practices now, but will also inform our future beliefs and practices as we continue to evolve and adapt in a manner responsive to our students.

In order to maximize the number of participants who get to participate in a long term opportunity, we’re only allowing staff to sign up for a maximum of two opportunities of 12+ hours in length.  For example, if you register for the PDC Book Club, you may only select one other opportunity that’s 12 or more hours in length.    

Thanks to the work of Jason Heisel, district co-pdc chair, brief descriptions of these opportunities and a registration form are included below.  You may also reach the registration form from the catalog.  If you have any questions related to the course, please reach out to the facilitator(s).  If you need any support with the electronic catalog, please reach out to me.

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