Friday, April 26, 2013

May's Thinking Strategy: Book Talks

The documents below will help you implement the reading expectation in Discovery for the month of May.

The focus in May will be to celebrate our successes and reflect on the reading students have completed this school year. So, while there is not a thinking strategy to focus our Discovery instruction upon, May’s Discovery expectation is that students to share their favorite book with their classmates.

PowerPoint: This PowerPoint presentation provides detailed information about book talks. This may be used as background information for the teacher, or as a prompt for classroom discussion.

Mini-Lesson and One-Pager: This document contains background information for teachers, suggested activities for a mini-lesson, the monthly one-pager, and possible feedback teachers may provide to a completed one-pager.  The mini-lesson should be conducted at the beginning of the month during the first twenty minutes of Discovery.

This month’s one-pager helps students plan for their book talk. Because the book talks should be on any book the student has read during this school year, book talks may be given at any time during the month of May. Students will need at least one, if not two, Discovery reading time periods to plan for their book talk.

Thinkmark: This month’s bookmark should be able to be copied double-sided so that the back may be used as a reading log.

Click here to access the PowerPoint, Mini-Lesson and One-Pager, and the Thinkmark.

Please contact Jen or Aimee if you have any questions or are in need of support

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