Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 22, 2013

I just realized . . . we're beginning our last month of school.  I am looking forward to all of learning, projects, and traditions that represent culminating experiences for our students each year.

Faculty Meeting, 4/22/13
Monday is a BYOD faculty meeting; bring your own device and a pen or pencil, please. We will use part of our faculty meeting time to respond to two online surveys (on behalf of the district and on behalf of two of your colleagues' doctoral studies) and one paper survey on behalf of both the building and the district.

Hixson High Five Awards
It's time to begin thinking about whom you might nominate for the Hixson High Five award.  Please take sometime out of your busy schedule to recognize students, who may not otherwise be recognized, for their readiness, respect, and responsibility.  Students really do value and benefit from this personal feedback.  Click here to read more information about the High Five Award.  Click here to e-mail Mrs. Davis your nominee.

8th Grade Recognition PowerPoint
Some teachers have already begun putting notes on student slides for the 8th Grade Recognition PowerPoint (thank you).  I am looking forward to seeing this develop over time.  Click here to view and add to this presentation.

Summer Development for Hixson Teachers
Is your team interested in working on a new and innovative interdisciplinary unit or project for next year? Are you finding that you do not have enough department time to brainstorm and develop new ways of teaching or assessing your content?

Based on a couple of developing themes on the Grid in my office, I wonder if some (or many) of you might be interested in a summer opportunity to pursue interdisciplinarity or a new and innovative way of delivering content. If so, please keep reading:

The building has limited funds to support this (six groups of four, or fewer, teachers for eight hours at $15/hour); I will consider these on a first come, first served basis. Teams or departments must submit the following in an e-mail:
  •  The new idea, project, strategy or topic you wish to pursue, please keep in mind that
    • All disciplines must be represented, to some degree, for interdisciplinary ideas,
    • Your idea must be experiential, project- or challenge-based, and hands on,
    • You must plan to use essential content as well as technology (based on our TILS), and
    • You may not use this time to tweak or revise existing units, projects, ideas, etc.,
  • Your work must fit within the framework as described in The Art and Science of Teaching, and
  • Before I approve your stipend, you must present your work to me (more details on this to come).
If you have any questions, please ask.

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