Friday, March 8, 2013

Staying Connected (with tech, a repost)

It was recently requested that I re-post this for all of those who would like to get tech updates via text message or email. Again, all posts are also shared on the left hand side of the Hixson Network blog if you want to keep up to date or check the status of all things technical in the building. - Heisel

Hard to keep track of all the new things technical going on in our district and around the world?

Here's a simple solution!

Send a text to (949)482-4356 with the message: @techreq in it. From here on out you will be able to receive text message updates anytime new information about tech changes, updates, news, etc comes from the Hixson Tech department.

Prefer to get your messages via email?
Not a problem
In addition to tech news you can also receive information shared by Dr. Heisserer by texting @hxstaff to 979-2562467

Stay connected!

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