Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 25, 2013

I really want to begin this Welcome-Back-from-Spring-Break post with something clever, something better than, "This is snow way to end spring break," but, really, I am at a loss.  I did not suspect that I would be watching the snow fall all day the Sunday before our return to school.  I had planned to be writing this from Hixson but was stymied by an unexpended, 48-hour illness, and today . . . snow.  So, please be prepared for any updates this week that might arrive via e-mail.

Still, I hope you were able to enjoy spring break in the best way possible for you and that you are rested, energized, and focused for the remaining days of school.  I anticipate these last days will go by quickly (as the rest of the year seems to have done.

Here are a few other notes:

  • Thank you for your attention to and prepartion for parent-teacher conferences.  I only heard positive feedback from parents and visitors to the school, in person and via e-mail.
  • Our Food Truck fundraiser, inspired by Sarah Bodi, was very successful, and I'll be able to share exactly how much money we raised soon.
  • We have a faculty meeting scheduled for Monday, March 25th; this is our annual, required MAP preparation meeting.

And, believe it or not . . . 

  • As a faculty, we have used 5000 staples from the faculty lounge copy machine in the first month that we have had it.  Staples for the mahine are very expensive, and given how precisely Dr. Roberts and Ms. Edwards account for every penny in the budget, I do not anticipate being able to purchase any more staples at this time. All of us are responsible for the conscientous use of our resources; I can get copy counts from the machine, but not staple counts, hence the reminder to us all.

I am looking forward to all of us returning to Hixson . . . Monday . . . Tuesday . . . whenever that might be. ;-)

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