Sunday, March 3, 2013

Collegial Learning Walks (with Jill Right and the Core Curriculum Coordinators)

The Learning Walks that Susan Bergman, Liz Majino, Chris McGee, and I participated in at Hixson a week and a half ago were beneficial to us all. The goal to identify what was working in each of the 35 classrooms that we were able to visit was readily apparent. Here is a list of what we observed.

· Feeling of care and compassion for students
· Students presenting to the class
· Activities that connected to posted learning goals
· Reference to learning goals to direct/redirect discussions
· Real life applications
· Good questions posed to students
· High level of student engagement
· Students articulating what they were doing in the lesson and why
* Content vocabulary being used by students
* Wide variety of effective instructional strategies

We came away from the experience with ideas that we can take to all curricular areas and an appreciation of the good teaching and learning that occurs throughout Hixson every day.

(Thank you, Mrs. Right, for facilitating this glimpse into our building and for offering this feedback to us.)

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