Sunday, March 31, 2013

April 1, 2013

We begin MAP testing this week.  Although we offer many culminating experiences that demosntrate the learning of our students, it is this test that is the most public.  It can sometimes be difficult to balance our accountability to these scores with other, perhaps better, indicators of achievment.  But here we are, having turned the corner in the year toward MAP.

I believe in our teaching and our collective influence on the learning of our students, and I believe in the ability and optimism our students bring to school.  I know that we will see evidence of this in our MAP scores this year.

April's Thinking Strategy: Synthesizing
April's thinking strategy is synthesizing. Since it doesn't seem to be posting (yet), I will forward the information to your e-mail in the meantime.

Art and Science of Teaching: DQs 7, 8, and 10
Given that our faculty meeting time is running short, you will be left on your own to review Design Questions 7, 8, and 10 in The Art and Science of Teaching. I do not anticipate that review the following chapters will be difficult or take a long time:

  • Recognizing and Acknowledging Adherence or Lack of Adherence to Rules and Procedures,
  • Communicating High Expectations for All Students, and
  • Developing Effective Lessons into Cohesive Units.
If you are interested in the PowerPoints provided by the district, you may click here to review them.  Reviewing the action steps in the text will also be helpful.  Taking some department or team time may expedite the process as well.  We will talk more about this during Monday's department chair meeting.
One of the reasons I am relying on you and your colleagues to complete the review of these last three questions is that Dr. Riss has asked for some of our faculty meeting time.

April Faculty Meetings
On April 8th, Dr. Riss, per her request, will visit with us about the WGSD Foundation for the Future.
On April 22nd, we will spend our faculty meeting review the whole of The Art and Science of Teaching.

May 2nd PD Time
I am committed to giving the faculty time as needed on 5/2.  We will enjoy lunch together (from Qdoba) and then I will need about 30 minutes of faculty meeting time that day to complete some surveys. 

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