Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome to 2012-2013!

Although I said, or  tried to say, that I wasn't much of a risk taker in my summer letter, clearly, I was willing to risk not doing one last proofread before I sent it . . . Still, I hope the spirit of my message was not too marred by my over-zealous final highlight-and-cut revision.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the building once again.  Following is a very nuts-and-bolts list; however, the information and reminders are important.
First Three Days Schedules
Opening Day, 8/8:
  • The district opening ceremony will begin at 8:30am in Roberts Gym at WGHS,
  • We will gather as a building community at 11am in the Hixson Cafeteria for
    • A brief, all-building meeting,
    • Lunch (provided by Hixson),
    • A brief meeting with the assistant principals for team teachers, and
  • The rest of the day is devoted to you and your classroom.
7th Grade Orientation and 8th Grade Visitation, 8/9:
  • These are planned for 8/9 from 9-11am and 1-2pm, respectively, and
  • The rest of the day is devoted to you and your classroom.
Professional Development, 8/10:
We have a mandatory staff development meeting from 8:30am-12:30pm for
  • Discussing The Art and Science of Teaching, design questions 1 and 6,
  • Reviewing new expectations and supports for Discovery time, and
  • Reviewing some new procedures in the faculty handbook.
Other Items:
As you being planning for the school year:

Regarding facilities and equipment:
  • If you keep food in your classroom, please
    • Limit the amount to just what you absolutely need, and
    • Keep all food in sealed containers at all times.
  • Limit the number of refrigerators, coffee pots, etc., to one of each per team,
  • Keep our building windows and doors shut at all times (this is for building safety and for helping to regulate the building temperature),
  • Please keep trash inside of your room rather than in the hallway (Mr. Townsend assures me that they will get the trash out of the classrooms),
  • The building will close at 4:30pm on 8/8-8/10 and at 3:30 on 8/13.
(If you have the energy and focus to keep reading, please check out some Beginning of the Year Business as well.)

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