Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stage 1: KUDs; Stage 2: Evidence of Understanding

I have seen several examples of KUDs from most departments. These have been excellent drafts, and from my perspective, worth the time, effort, and thinking.  Thank you for participating as you have been.  I have mentioned before that there will be three parts to the unit: KUDs, Assessment, and Learning Plan.  I've been alluding to assessments in a couple previous posts here and in the Quick PD section.  I want to share a little more specific information now.
At this point in our learning, I do not expect departments to attach sample assessments; I am more interested at this point in the thinking behind the assessment.  This thinking is divided into three sections: evaluative criteria, performance task(s), and other evidence.
The evaluative criteria answer the following questions:
  • What criteria will be used in each assessment to evaluate attainment of the desired results?
  • Regardless of the format of the assessment, what qualities are most important?
The performance task(s) respond to the following:
  • Students will show that they really understand by evidence of . . .
  • Consider: How will stuents demonstrate their understanding (meaning-making and transfer) through complex perofrmance?
Other evidence may be guided by the following:
  • Students will show they have achieved goals in the KUDs by . . .
  • Consider what other evidence you might collect to determine student understanding.
If you're interested in what this might look like as part of the template we started with KUDs, please click here.
Let me know if you have any questions about this or how it might affect your current work with assessments.

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