Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 17, 2012

On Thursday and Friday I had time to visit each classroom and stay longer than my usual walk through time.  This was a luxury.  Being able to spend 3-7 minutes in each classroom was a rewarding experience.  It was a great reminder of how excellent we are as a staff.  Thank you for all of the interesting and strategic ways you are teaching our students.
Collegial Learning Walks
If you are ever interested in visiting the classrooms of your peers, I encourage you to participate in a collegial learning walk with me.  This week, four teachers and I visited three classrooms and debriefed each short visit.  We were all impressed by and were able to learn from what we observed in each classroom.  Collegial Learning Walks are about positive observations only.  If you would like to read more about these, click here.
From now on, you will be able to access my Principal's Update from the calendar on  You will be able to do this from the staff calendar on the Hixson Network Beta site and on the combined calendar as well.  Both are available from the My Edline button in
I will keep the School Center Hixson Network up and running until the end of the school year.  Both the Hixson Network and the Hixson Network Beta feature the dock at the top of the page.  In addition, once you click into the Principal's Update link from the calendar, you can navigate to the other Network blogs: Learning Designs and Quick PD.  Unfortunately, the Hixson Network Beta site is still glitchy and inconsistent, but we are working to stabilize the feeds.
Conference sign up will be online again this year.  I will send the link to parents on 9/21.  In the meantime, team teachers are scheduling meeting with parents with whom they have not met or with parents with whom they (may) need to meet again.  We are doing this so that parents have more equitable access to our limited conference times.
Out of the Building
Next week, the assistants and I will be out of the building for several reasons:
  • Monday: Dr. Heisserer, all day, for Rosh Hashana
  • Tuesday: Dr. Roberts, all day, for restraint training; Drs. Miller and Heisserer, afternoon, for restraint training
  • Wednesday: Dr. Roberts, all day, for restraint training; Dr. Heisserer, afternoon, for work with a district committee
  • Thursday: Dr. Heisserer, morning, for a administrators meeting
Friday, 9/28, is Hixson Night at the Webster Dairy Queen.  This is a small fundraiser that this DQ is excited to host for us.  Please consider taking some time to enjoy DQ . . . that's not associated with Marzano!

Have an excellent week!

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