Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learning Designs Recap

I received some feedback from our department chairs that indicated a recap might be helpful at this time.  As you read the Learning Designs blog, please keep in mind that the work of your department does not need to be in sync with the posts.  Each department is at a different place in the process, so do not worry if your work seems behind the topics under Learning Designs.  It is not.  We are working at our own pace toward the same goal.
Here is the process so far in short form; there are posts in the Learning Designs blog to explain all of these further:
  • Examine state and national standards for those that are high priority (those that have endurance, leverage, and readiness),
  • Use the results of the above to audit Webster's curriculum, thus finding what is essential learning (versus what is important or good to know),
  • Group those results into units (which you may already have; I do not believe any department is building a unit from the very beginning at this point),
  • Begin brainstorming KUDs (what students should know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the learning in the unit) . . . 
At any point in this process, you are encouraged to seek feedback from me, from your peers, etc.
Ultimately, the KUDs are only stage one of the entire unit plan.  I have alluded to other stages (writing assessments and a learning plan) and will blog more about these in time.

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