Friday, July 27, 2012

Discovery Expectations

The purpose of Discovery is to support student literacy and learning in a variety of meaningful ways based on available data and information.  Discovery is divided into two sections: Reading (20 minutes) and Other Activities designed to support student learning.  

Discovery is:

  • a time for students to develop and practice reading skills using self-selected material.
  • a time to implement interventions to support student learning, per reading ILIPs or other plans.
  • a time for pre- and re-teaching as necessary.
  • a time for enrichment.
  • a time for team building.
  • a time for Project Alert lessons.
  • a class that requires preparation based on student needs.

Discovery is not:

  • unstructured free time for students.
  • additional time for content area curriculum.
  • a study hall, unless this is an intervention stated in a plan (e.g. IEP, ILIP, 504, etc.).

Grading and Scheduling
  • Students will receive a pass/fail grade for Discovery.
  • Teams may re-organize students during Discovery for the purposes of meeting student needs.

Teacher Input

On 8/9, team teachers will have an opportunity to meet with faculty members who spent time this summer responding to feedback about Discovery, brainstorming possibilities, and planning improvements.  Their time and effort is valuable, and they advocated strongly that you have time to review expectations and ideas and some time to plan for August. More information about the 8/9 schedule will come.

  • To review the presentation they created, click here.
  • To the Thinking Strategy lessons and/or Reader’s Toolkit resources posted to the Network last year, click here.

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