Monday, March 12, 2012

Beginning the Learning Plan

Stage one of our work on unit design this year has focused on KUDs.  Stages two focuses on assessment evidence, and stage three will focus on the learning plan. My expectations for the learning plan this year are minimal.  I wanted our focus to be first on establishing KUDs and how we gather evidence of student understanding of those KUDs.
Essentially, I would like your learning plans to include a description of one lesson that includes the following:
  1. A description of the plan that would benefit most students,
  2. A description of how this would be modified to benefit struggling students, and
  3. A description of how this lesson would be modified to benefit students who may need more rigor or acceleration.
Essentially, I want your department to begin to get in the habit of thinking together about interventions and differentiation.
In earlier posts, I have shared information about Acquistion, Meaning Making, and Transfer.  Click here to refer back to this post. As you describe the lesson above, I would like you to code it as being desisgned to A, acquire new or basic knowledge or skills, to M, make meaning or gain a better understanding, or to T, practice transfering knowledge, skills, and understandings to new situations.
We will add to the learning plan more in time.  It is not my expecatation that all teachers in the department teach the same lessons at the same time.  It is my expectation that departments begin to think together about how they can work with one another to come up with strategies to support differentiated learning for students in their classes.

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