Monday, August 13, 2012

August Discovery

Those of us who worked on Discovery this summer thought that setting an implementation start date of Sept. 4th might serve two purposes:

1. Give teams time to determine how they'd like to organize and manage Discovery and Officer Davis time to schedule Project Alert.
2. Provide time for teams to conduct community building activities, PBIS lessons, team expectations and other beginning of the year lessons, if desired.

If you find that you have extra time to fill during August, I have the following ideas for lessons to prepare students for the 20 minute reading expectation beginning Sept. 4. You could also start reading sooner than the 4th – there’s no harm in that! J

1. Conduct a mini lesson on choosing a “just right” book. Visit for a short, informational video to help you prepare (it isn't a very student friendly video, unfortunately). Attached is a bookmark you may provide students as a reminder. I have also attached a “one pager” for August if you would like students to practice completing these.

2. Conduct one (or several) of the Reader’s Workshop lessons from previous years (see attached; make sure you click on the view menu in Adobe to rotate the scanned documents clockwise). The book talk could be centered on a book read this summer or last school year.

3. Give students the Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory (MARSI) (attached) to survey students’ use of reading strategies.

4.  Ask students to take a self assessment on their interest in reading (also attached).

Please let Jen or I know if you are in need of more suggestions!

Aimee Vogt

just right bk.pdf Download this file

What Were You Thinking - Choosing the Right Books.pdf Download this file

RW - Abandoning a Book.pdf Download this file

RW - Book Talk.pdf Download this file

RW - Checking Out Books.pdf Download this file

RW - Listening Skills.pdf Download this file

RW - Reading Rate.pdf Download this file

RW - Silent Reading.pdf Download this file

RW - Stuck Reading.pdf Download this file

RW - written directions.pdf Download this file

RW- Book Tasting.pdf Download this file

RW- Rules and Routines.pdf Download this file

RW-QAR.pdf Download this file

MARSI_2002.pdf Download this file

student_reading_assessment.docx Download this file

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