Sunday, October 30, 2011

8 Non-Cognitive Characteristics Predictive of Academic Success

The following are eight non-cognitive characteristics predictive of academic success in college (Sedlacek, 2004):
  1. Positive Self-Concept: The confidence that leads to the determination to succeed.
  2. Realistic Self-Appraisal: The ability to accurately assess your own strenghts and weaknesses and to use this assessment to further your own development.
  3. Successful Navigation of the System: Knowing how to access resources and how to use the system to help you achieve your goals.
  4. Preference for Long-Term Goals: Knowing how to set and achieve long-term goals, delay gratification, and persevere in spite of obstacles.
  5. Availability of a Strong Support Person: Finding someone to confer advice, particularly in times of crisis.
  6. Leadership Experience: Having the ability to organize and influence others.
  7. Community Involvement: Being involved in a community.
  8. Knowledge Acquired in and about a Field: Having the explicit and implicit knowledge of a particular field of study.
When we recognize or cultivate these characteristics in our students, we can leverage them to support their motivation and achievement. 

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